Joe Brennan Productions Event Videography

Joe Brennan Productions Event Videography

Joe Brennan Productions Event VideographyJoe Brennan Productions Event VideographyJoe Brennan Productions Event Videography

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Videography is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. All couples plan for their wedding, but very few plan for the day after their wedding. You do not hire a videographer for your wedding, you hire them for everyday after.  Without a videographer, your vows. the toasts,  the dances and all the special moments of your wedding are good as your memory holds them. Your wedding day is such a monumental day in your life  and deserves to be captured for you and for future generations to see. So let us tell your story.


We Are More Than Just Video

Hiring a professional photographer is important, but they can not capture all the perfect shots. We shoot video at 60 frames per second. That means we have over 60 pics in each second of shooting video. That is over 1 million possible pictures with 1 camera after a wedding. We grab video frames from our video cameras. All the pics you see on this page and in our picture gallery are grabbed frames from video. We can go frame by frame to find the perfect picture.


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Joe Brennan Productions offer a range of different packages to fit all budgets. From 1 Camera Shoots, to 3 or 4 camera shoots.  Highlight videos can range from 1 song length, to a 15 minute Movie Highlight. Contact us for more information.

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